The Australian Mist

– just made for the great indoors

The Australian Mist was  made in Australia – the first locally bred pedigree cat. Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian Domestic short hair cats were combined to create them.  They mix the loving personality of the Burmese with the lively intelligence of the Abyssinians and the genetic vigour of Domestic tabbies, reflecting the best of its ancestry while having its own character. They are recognized Australia-wide, and increasingly overseas, as a Championship quality pedigreed cat. Their mild manners and social nature make them the perfect feline companion for many movies and tv shows. Some even make it into video games. If you don’t believe us see for yourself on You can play dozens of cats and pets-inspired slots, plus you have a chance to win huge jackpot rewards.

There is nothing extreme about Australian Mists (other than their affectionate, playful nature).  They are of moderate size, have large expressive eyes in a range of greens and a glossy, short coat on a warm cream background, which is easy to care for.  The patterns are seen through a misted veil.  The nose, chin and whisker pads are broad giving the face a generous, open look with delicate tabby markings.

They make perfect pets for children of all ages, even very young ones, as they are tolerant of handling, and are not inclined to scratch. As kittens they are lively, but sober up a little on maturity.  Their life expectancy is in the mid to late teens.

Australian Mists thrive on human contact, making them happy to remain indoors between dusk and dawn or to be wholly indoor pets, an advantage as most people now prefer to keep their pets indoors. This also protects native wildlife. Some Mists can be trained to go for walks on a lead.

Their tendency to crawl into the nearest lap with or without invitation and to constantly hang around to see what people are up to, makes them excellent companions for home workers and invalids. De-sexed cats and kittens fit in easily with all sorts of cats and dogs. Selective breeding has further enhanced these qualities, creating a truly companionable pet, which quickly becomes a member of the family.

Australian Mists are easy to show, as they enjoy all the attention.  They frequently win Best in Show and Top 10 in Show awards and the breed has a number of Diamond Double Grand Champions and quite a few Nationally Titled Cats.  In recent years they have won the coveted All Breeds Supreme in Show awards many times. On the following link you will find the list of Australian Mist Breed Council Annual Awards 2006.