Australian mist breed council is a website dedicated to Australian Mist Cats, their breeders, exhibitors and admirers.

An Independent Breed Council open to all Breeders of Australian Mist.

The Australian Mist Breed Council is devoted to the promotion of healthy Australian Mists and healthy breeding practices.

Australian Mist Cat Breed

The Australian Mist was made in Australia – the first locally bred pedigree cat. Burmese, Abyssinian and Australian Domestic short hair cats were combined to create an attractive short haired cats with spotted coat. If you haven’t known, the Australian Mist Cat was first called as Spotted Mist Cat.
Australian Mist Breed Council is the place where you can find all the information about the Australian Mist Cat Breed.
Here as well you can find all problems that Australian mist cats may have and of course the Australian Mist cat for sale and their price.

Australian Mist Cat Price

The Australian Mist Cat Price varies from $600 to $800. Sometimes it may be required a deposit to reserve the kitten for a buyer and including in the basic price the kittens come de-sexed, micro-chipped and with two F3 vaccinations. About the feeding, the Australian Mist cat is not a fussy eater and it will cost you around $7 per cat per week to feed. For more information you can always contact us, or just follow If the price is something that’s holding you back, worry not. We have an elegant solution for you. On the link, we provided there is a Canadian no deposit casino that you can use to get that money you require in no time.

Australian Mist Cat Problems

These cats are generally healthy and they can live for 15 and maybe 18 years. Nevertheless, as with all cats or other pets, it is very important to have regular health check-ups so that any possible problems can be identified on time. This Australian cat breed with lighter color can develop skin allergies, so make sure that you are providing good quality food. They may become overweight, so you need to make them exercise. Keeping the teeth clean is also very important, so you can ask a vet about a toothpaste and toothbrush designed for cats.

Australian Mist Cat Breeders

The Australian Mist cat, before was known as Spotted Mist, and it is the only breed of cats which entirely originated in Australia. Today there are around 100 breeding cats and 1500 pets in Australia and they are recognized in all Australian states. These cats are with short hair and medium sized, round head and large eyes. Australian mist breeders suggest you shouldn’t brush them a lot, because they have a short coat and the brushing is not required, as they don’t lose much hair. The Australian mist cats have a large range of different colors, such as warm brown, chocolate, gold, peach and lilac with a very distinctive pattern.
While being a kitten, the Australian Mist is very playful and tolerant of cuddling and it doesn’t scratch, which makes them safe cats for families with young children or babies. An Australian Mist kitten, is very social, doesn’t fight with other cats or dogs and it is supposed to be indoor cats. These cats are very friendly and they will curl up in the lap of anyone, even people they have just met. With an Australian Mist cat, you will never feel alone. Feel free to browse through and get to know these wonderful creatures.

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Enquiries: Email Breed Council

The Australian Mist is a recognized breed in the following Cat Controls:  The Australian Cat Federation, Australian National Cats, Co-ordinating Cat Control Council of Australia, Catz New Zealand, New Zealand Cat Fancy, World Cat Federation, United Feline Organisation (USA), Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of UK, American Cat Fanciers Association for Australian breeding.

Silverado Australian Mist cattery in Perth has four kittens for sale.  Two lilac females; one chocolate female and one lilac male.  They were born on 12/11/2014 and have been desexed, microchipped wormed and vaccinated.  Contact or email for details of price and freight from WA.

This carefully developed breed of delicately spotted or marbled cats is tops for temperament, full of love and fun, clever yet relaxed and friendly.  

Increasingly popular with first time pedigree cat buyers, its well bred but not extreme appearance appeals as essentially CAT.

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